Immunity is a very common word and people generally correlate it to physical health but on larger canvas it is related to physical as well as mental health as both are interlinked. Without good physical health , it would be difficult to have sound mental health & vice versa.

Immunity is not visible , it is only experienced as it is the sum total of all the strength of organs, tissues and cells to fight against harmful effects in any living organism

Our body is one of the largest chemical factory in the world and millions of reactions are going on 24 X 7 every moment whether we are sleeping or playing . These chemical reactions are responsible for all our actions and reactions . The basic unit of our body is cell which is capable of doing all the activities indicative of being alive . The cells in different organs appears different in size , shape and function but basic structure of cell and its constituents are same in all.

We hear a lot about antioxidants and free radicals . So what exactly are these free radicals ?

Basically free radicals are negatively charged oxygen molecules which are produced in the process of energy generation in each cell . In the normal process these free radicals are neutralized by our body & sent outside body . Many vitamins , nutrients in our diet are known to have anti-radical properties . But with aging or under stress due to lifestyle, the number of free radicals increases beyond body’s capabilities to neutralize , then we need to support it from outside with the help of anti-oxidant products .

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Lycopene found in Tomatoes

There are lot of supplements , all claiming to be anti-oxidants and giving protection from age related and modern life induced diseases including serious problems like carcinoma.

One of the very known substance having very good anti-oxidant properties is Lycopene which is found in fruits having red colour like tomato , water melon etc. There are number of preparations available having lycopene in different forms and strengths . Generally , the preparations with 5000 mcg are preferred.

While Lycopene would take care of free radicals which are produced in large numbers in compromised health conditions , it can also be combined with CoQ10 enzymes which is instrumental in the generation of energy in the cells by mitochondria ( the power house of cell ).

This combination acts as a really a wonderful remedy for those having fatigue after illness , weakness after viral or bacterial infection or post illness of any kind where one is feeling rundown.

The only inhibiting factor is cost as most of the preparations have CoQ10 enzyme 100 mg which are a bit expensive but the advantages outweigh the cost and is worth trying .

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When all the cell have desired energy and system to cleanse waste like free radicals ,needless to say the person would enjoy good immunity and health in all respects .

“After all , the balance in everything is the basis of “HEALTHY LIVING ”

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