Our body is the biggest chemical factory of the world and the term health denotes that all the chemical reactions are happening as per protocol and as a consequence the health is said to be good . Any deviation , acceleration or slow down in these reactions appear on the body in various forms . These all chemical reactions are governed by no of substances , some are basic and very essential for the normal functioning of the body’s chemical factory .

Some minerals and vitamins are micro grams or even less but their importance is very important and cannot be undermined .

In today’s topic we are going to discuss one very important essential element to our body i.e Calcium .

Though everybody knows its importance but very know the functions it performs or role played in the normal functioning of health . Mostly people only understands that it is essential for the growth of bones.

The normal calcium levels for adults can range from 8.8 to 10.4 miligram per decilitre . If someone is having lower than 8.8 mg/dl then it is deficiency of calcium .

Deficiency of calcium is seen in new born within two days of birth . Calcium deficieny is easy to treat by adding supplements of calcium to diets . The calcium supplements are available in liquid , tablet and chew-able forms .

Why do we need Calcium ?

Calcium is an important nutrient required by your body for many basic functions like to circulate blood , move muscles , release hormones . Calcium also helps carry messages from your brain to other parts of your body . Your bones are reservoirs of calcium . If you are not taking enough calcium in your diet body would draw it from bones .

Calcium is available in lot many green vegetables

The calcium is not produced by body so you have to rely on calcium rich diets or supplements . Food which are rich in calcium include

  1. dairy products such as milk , cheese
  2. white beans & yogurt
  3. Dark green vegetables such as Kale , spinach and broccoli
  4. Calcium fortified breads & cereals , soy products and orange juices

The one essential element for absorption of calcium in the body is Vitamin D which is produced by skin with exposure to sunlight.

The adequate levels of calcium are important for women to ease symptoms of premenstrual syndrome . The deficiency of calcium with advancing age can lead to many problems like osteoporosis , memory loss , muscle spas , depression , numbness and tingling in the hands , feet and face , weak & brittle nails & Most commonly known easy fracturing of the bones

Calcium Supplements

Different form of Calcium Supplements available

There are various forms of calcium supplements . Two most common are calcium carbonate and calcium citrate .

Calcium carbonate is the cheapest but absorption is low so prevalence of Kidney stone is high . The citrate is having better absorption than carbonate and very popular as supplements .

There are now other superior forms of calcium with very high absorption of 85 to 90 % are available in the market like calcium orotate and calcium ascorbate . They have very low risk of Kidney & stone formation due to high absorption . The only adverse factor is that they are more expensive than carbonate and citrate form .

But very interesting feature we have observed that in Indian market the prices of calcium orotate and calcium ascorbate are comparable with carbonate and citrate , despite being superior on all parameters.

Too much of calcium can have negative side effects also .

As with everything in this world unlimited or too much of any minerals , vitamins or element is counter productive and there are always optimum levels of all nutrients . It is advisable to take all supplements under the guidance of health practitioner or nutritionist

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