Lycowerg-Q CoQ10 & Lycopene 30 tablets


Lycowerg-Q CoQ10 & Lycopene 30 tablets

Fatigue & Stress buster | Immunity Booster | Maintain Healthy heart


⭐ If you are stressed out / feel fatigue / have lack of energy , we highly recommend to try Lycowerg – Q . It is a niche supplement and proven to give effective results.

✔ CoQ10 – SUPER ANTIOXIDANT: Helps in Cardiovascular health , Hypertension , Aging , Fatigue , Dental Health , Eye Health , Renal Health , Migraine , Neural & Brain Health & Male Infertility

✔LYCOPENE- Most powerful antioxidant , helps prevent cancer , keep eyes healthy , good for brain , improves heart health , keeps your bones strong

✔ BOOST UP Your IMMUNITY with Lycowerg :  CoQ10 with Lycopene – Multivitamins & Minerals for immunity

✔ EXCELLENT STRESS BUSTER : The versatile health protector with antioxidant defense   

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Product Description

CoQ10  (short for Coenzyme Q10) is an essential element for many daily functions and is required by every single cell in the body , an antioxidant that protects cells from the effects of aging.It is a vitamin-like nutrient, which supports a healthy heart and is actively involved in converting food and oxygen into energy. co-enzyme q10 is an excellent antioxidant, which  help in the enhancement of the immunity and protect you from various harmful infections. It is also involved in the process of producing cellular energy and helps fight against free radicals.

Virgo Healthcare’s Lycowerg-Q  is an excellent source of Co-Enzyme Q10 with Lycopene . It is versatile health protector with antioxidant defense . It is a super antioxidant and is proven to give effective results 

Lycopene-5000mcg , Co-enzyme Q10 100mg , Multimineral , Multivitamin (Check the image for the list of all vitamins )

Consume 1 Capsule a day or as recommended by the dietician 

Return policy within 15 days :
If you don’t like the product  😥 , just send us back the full strips with luv ❤️ and we will refund you the amount with the shipping charges.
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